Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Towards the end of last year, millions of Americans waddled into their polling booths (I get one stereotype comment per blog, that was it) and scribbled a tick next to the name of their saviour, Barack Obama. The buzzword of 2009 has been 'CHANGE' and that was what Barack promised. "All troops serving in Iraq would be removed and the economy would be fixed by the end of 2009" he said (sorta).

Well it's been a year and we are the end(ish) of 2009. So has Barack followed through on his promise of change? Is Iraq now a prosperous MEDC? Is America finally out of their economic lapse?


Well if he hasn't followed up those promises then he MUST have done something to earn that Nobel Peace Prize, the prize that's gone to amazing people like: Ghandi, Mother Theresa, etc?


Hmmm. Well he's followed through on his idea of 'Change!' hasn't he?


Well there we go!

Nope. Barack has definitely changed America, he's changed the world as well. But I wouldn't say it's been for the better. Homelessness and unemployment quotas throughout America have risen and the recession is still in full swing. All Obama's done is throw money at the banks and expect miracles to happen. Well a miracle didn't happen, and unless he brings in a new agenda then the price of your Spaghetti Hoops will stay at £1.30 for the next few years.

So Iraq. He must have pulled some troops out?

Well yeah, he did. He pulled quite a few out in fact. But then he put a lot more in their place. It's like 'Nam all over again. America have gone into Iraq thinking they can stomp all over their land and steal their oil only to find that - oh - there's a few people who don't like that. And now we're fighting a war with more and more people dying every day for no reason. Hmm.

I agree that it's very inspirational what Barack has done and that children across america should see that it doesn't matter what colour you are or where you're from, everyone's equal. But I don't think he deserves a Nobel PEACE Prize.

Now a question for YOU. The reader. You've seen my opinion. What's yours?
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Cheers, Steve.


  1. lol i love the picture :)let's not rush into this conclusions .. i think he's doing what he can over there

  2. I agree, he's doing what he can. And obviously it is tough because he was left with a society in turmoil.
    I just don't think he really deserved that Peace prize :)