Saturday, 24 October 2009


Lookey here! I'm finally writing a post that hasn't got a MySpace link in. I thought I'd talk about pastimes today, not for any particular reason, just because I thought it would be - I don't know - interesting? Well probably not. Because I'm writing it, but hopefully it'll either keep you reading my blog or turn you away. Whatever the case, thanks for the page view. Much appreciated.

I like reading, listening to music and shopping. The last one will make me sound like a ravishing homosexual but you'd be shocked to know that I have a very odd strain of DNA in me that means that I like shopping. I would comment on the other two but everyone likes reading and listening to music...well apart from people who live nor- no I'm not going to make a joke about northerners. But anyway, every teenager who has a MySpace or Bookface will say that they like reading and listening to music. This is a good thing.

First of all it shows that the two truest art forms in life are still popular (although I wouldn't describe the music made by Lady(?) Gaga and McFly to be art forms rather than art farces) in this day and age. And it shows that maybe there is hope for humanity, especially with pastimes like car-maintenance and stabbing becoming popular.

Now I think about it, is shopping a pastime? Well yes. It's something you do for enjoyment. Sorry I'm heading away from the topic faster than [insert comical simile here].

What saddens me though is that people are ridiculed for reading. And people are called 'geeks' for saying they liked reading a book. As an example, I was in school reading Sun Tzu's Art Of War on my laptop, when someone walks past, laughs, and says "Wow. That is the single most boring thing I have ever seen". To which I simply told the person where to stick it and returned to my reading.

Why is it that people who wish to further their knowledge of 'stuff' are ridiculed while those who stand in murky streets selling drugs to children and stabbing people are hailed by their friends. Gaining credibility for wrong-doing.

Well done Britain. This is what we've been reduced to. The greatest empire in the world to a culture of drugs and violence. It's like renaissance Italy, only without a New World Order threatening power.

Oh wait.

Peace x

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